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what is the IDcattery price for British Shorthair kitten?


- not everyone, who mates cats can be called a breeder or a cattery

- not everyone who is TICA, WCF, CFA, iCFA etc etc registered is a reputable breeder

I respect hard work and efforts and those who are willing to study, to learn to work hard to improve the breed and to go an extra mile...but please do not compare those working like crazy on the breed to those who multiply cats for the profit alone.
When getting a kitten from us you are not BUYING a kitten, you are supporting breed development firsthand, you are supporting with your resources non-stop courses that Inna is taking, TOP quality cat food, supplements, traveling to the multiple SHOWS we attend and experts evaluation, you are supporting days and nights of our training of the newbies and you are helping us not to starve our pride when we are keeping them longer to make the best possible selection to move forward and breed the BEST quality kittens and multiple awards we get AT EVERY show is the proof that we know what we are doing and this all is not in vain. 

The price is different and depends on the sire and dam involved and the kitten quality (pet, show) you can purchase a show quality kitten as a pet without  breeding and show permissions please fill the form with your preferences for us to give you a quote.


Approximate fees


PET - $2700 & up (NO breeding or show rights included)

PET WHITE - $ 3200 female $3200-3500 male
PET RED - $3200-3500 male

You can additionally purchase (this fee will be added to the pet price):

$1000.00 -for showing as alter only, sent home altered



 $2500.00 & up depending  on bloodlines of a kitten


Established Catteries WELCOME

You have to be registered as a cattery with TICA or any other official cat association or participate in our cattery breeding program in order to obtain a kitten from us into breeding. THE SHOW CAREER IS A MUST if you want our kitten into your program. WE DO NOT SUPPORT and HIGHLY OPPOSE backyard breeding approach even a registered one and willing to help those who are new to breeding these beautiful cats to start and to do it right by advice or friendly support but will not sell you the kittens sorry.

The purchase price includes the first two sets of immunizations and contract that includes a health warranty.

DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK about the specific kitten you’d like.


how does the process of getting a kitten work?


  • THE FIRST is checking with AVAILABLE KITTENS.  WE KEEP the information up to date and post available kittens at this page of our WEB-SITE
    IF YOU KNOW which one you want and you have contacted us the

    non-refundable  deposit of $500 is required to hold a particular kitten for you until he/she IS READY TO MOVE. unless we are not able to provide you with a kitten.
    If for some unpredicted reason the kitten you have placed deposit on becomes unavailable (due to an act of nature), then a kitten of like quality will be offered either from an existing litter or an upcoming litter. If you choose not to accept the replacement, the deposit is forfeited


  • THE SECOND way is by placing a $500 non-refundable deposit to be added to the reservation waiting list.
    We will contact you for specific kitten reservation around 10-12 weeks old. Please do not expect us to send you the pictures until the kitten is 10 weeks. We may do it sooner but it is not a rule.
    You will have 3 days to respond and confirm kitten reservation before we move on to next person in the waiting list.  Your $200 deposit will not be lost for the waiting list, but you will lose your place in line to the person behind you (but not pushed to the bottom). We take this deposit when one of our dams is due soon or we have kittens but need to wait more until we make them available (for example when we want to observe the entire litter development to select the right ones for our program.                                                                                                                                                                       


  • THE THIRD WE CAN BUY A KITTEN FOR YOU FROM A PARTNERING CATTERY. You will still get the health guarantee and buyers protection yet we do the search job  for you offering you only the best due to the high standards we set and the experience we have. 

    BEFORE PROCEEDING ANY FURTHER PLEASE FILL out FORM and wait for us to respond ;)



Is there a contract to sign?



WE DO HAVE A CONTRACT and here is a brief summary of its main statements


  • Regardless the relatively high fees we charge that helps us supporting our cattery, develop the breed and provide the best nutrition and care for our cats, getting profit is important BUT NOT our main priority. it is about happiness the purrrrfect friend brings and emotions and care and living together with the most comfort for all those who are involved
    THERE IS A HIGH (yes we do think so too) fee, that gives us the confidence the baby will be well cared of. we are dedicated to donating to the charity (giving much more than a tax deductible)  on the regular basis and happy that raising the kittens makes a difference not only in the families they go to, but in a bigger picture of the world as well...

  • we reserve the right to choose who we are selling or not selling a kitten to. after your request is made we interview and ask specific questions. it is a routine process to secure the kitten that cannot protect itself. do not take it as a personal offense if we turn you down as a potential buyer - we have a strict policy we stick to and act out of our experience often preventing undesired outcomes

  • IDCATTERY will always be the part of cat's name that cannot be removed


    NO BREEDING if bought as a pet otherwise the fine will be charged

    NO SHELTERS if you can't have your cat any longer we'll take him back (no refund will be due)

  • NO BACKYARD BREEDING The kitten bought as pet should be spayed/neutered

  • minimal vaccinations with KILLED virus vaccine only (some exclusions apply with breeder's permission).
    You can buy the vaccine online and take it to the vet to administer. NO LEUKEMIA VACCINATION EVER

  • HEALTHY DIET grain free dry food with at least 50% of wet raw food (meat, poultry etc)
    we provide new owners with the guidelines and the access to the CARE page on our web-site.
    NOTE the fact, the CAT CANNOT BE A VEGETARIAN please do not even think into that direction

  • WE conduct a cage free in-home breeding and expect you NOT to keep the pet you get from us caged (small room with a window is okay)

  • INDOOR only or leashed and accompanied by owner (do not expect to walk the cat like a dog)

  •  NO fight and aggressive breeds of dogs in the same household cat goes into

  • PERSONAL pick-up in Auburn, WA is our best desirable way to make a transition into the new home (though we offer a delivery to SEA-TAC airport  and ship our furry babies WORLDWIDE please contact us for a quote )

  • The kittens can go home at the age of 14-15 weeks and can travel CARGO at the age of 4 month


How do I pay?
We accept cash, VENMO,

PayPal direct deposit,

card payment through our website (please note 3% fee will be added if using this method),  

direct account deposit at Bank of America,

CASH app,


PAYSEND if your kitten is going to be shipped the payment should be done 5-7 days prior to the shipping day the latest


have deposited. What's next?
1. Read through the CARE page (the password will be sent after the depositing).
2. Make sure to send your mail address so that we could send you the receipt and the Agreement closer to the pick up date.
3. Be patient and respectful. Cattery is our hobby that at times takes all our time and we get to have the priorities in order to survive which means we sometimes are unable to answer right away. We ask you to communicate via email only

4. Book an appointment with your vet to have kitty checked within 3 days of the kitten arrival


Do you deliver?
PERSONAL pick-up in Auburn, WA is our best desirable way to make a transition into the new home smooth

BUT this is not always  possible therefore we have a delivery option.
The average fee for in-country CARGO shipping is  $500 and includes the proper crate, water and food bowls, soft pad that smells home :) health certificate and travel arrangements. We do not CARGO ship the kittens that are younger than 4.5 months old.

Personal in-cabin delivery will be an additional $250-450 to the actual travel costs depending on the travel time

We can also deliver to the SEA airport or to  meet up spot abound Seattle area  at $0-100 depending on distance.


How do you know that the cattery is not a scammer

These are the questions I ask:

1. SHOW CAREER. Professionals show their cats. Period. 
I know TICA  judges, veterinarians  and breed experts who regardless of their experience and knowledge still show their cats. Successful show career shows the breeder's qualification. 

2. CATTERY REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE the name of the breeder mentioned in the certificate should be the same as in the contract.

3. Check their registration with the association you can check if our cattery is registered at 

4. What colors do they breed. I have seen catteries with blue sire and dams posting golden and silver chinchillas kittens for sale  claiming that they are a small hobby cattery. That's not possible.

5. PRICE. Scammers have a hard to resist pricing. $ 500 is impossible for a purebred kitten of any breed. $500 that includes delivery is a dream that will never come true))))...

6. Growth and development. Some exclusions apply but generally catteries do not breed dams more than 2-3 times. To improve you have to move on.



What eye color will my british lilac/blue be?
the cats we offer will have either intense gold, copper or ODD eyes.


Can I visit you to see all the cats and kittens?
Being a breeder is way different from being a cat owner. Being a cattery is different from being a cat caffe, animals shop, a shelter or a zoo.

We quarantine our show cats after every show and every contact to eliminate any possible risks, same happens after all of the vet's visits.

It was a hard decision but clients can bring infection or viruses without even knowing it. 

So we are not showing our cats and kittens in person, but we have and use FACE TIME, MESSENGER, ZOOM and SKYPE for you to be able to see our furry part of the family.

Depending on how busy our facilities are we can offer come and pick your furry one of those available after the deposit of $500 is placed.


Will you be giving me the pictures on demand while I wait after depositing?
 We try to provide the pictures at 10 and 12 weeks, but please be patient.  We are not able to update you with your kittens pictures upon request, we wish we could but at this time our schedule is not allowing us to do it. We oftentimes can shoot quick pictures with the phone.