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I’m Inna. I live with a family in Washington, WA in a city of Auburn. My husband is serving in military and I'm serving my family and our main royalties thA cats


I've been an absolute dog lover for all my life, until our first British Shorthair cat came to our family in early 2014 and made us all fall in love, and it didn't take long to realize breeding is the most perfect hobby to have! 

Now, 10 years later we are a small hobby cattery breeding British Shorthair only and focused on health and breed improvement have moved far to the best cats in NW and in the world at times of having enough energy to show them.

The kittens are raised in our home along with loving family with a toddler and 2 teenage kids, who love helping and taking good care of them, with lots of love, attention and tons of play time.

It is my main goal to produce kittens that are healthy, outgoing, and comfortable in a family environment.

WE are intentionally keeping a cattery small yet with the help of our family and partners we are able to develop our own line which requires more animals that one humble house can keep.


All our pedigree cats are raised indoors with an access to the separated play zone with plenty of cats' activities that we are constantly improving trying to add the best to the cats' life fun.

We are the members of TICA, (The International Cat Association), WCF and iCFA (discontinued) and enjoy showing our cats, and proud owners of multiple awards and do not plan to stop with that.


I hope you enjoy looking around our site which will have more and more information as we expand.
Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Best Wishes,
Inna & Co ;)

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