OUR   COVID19  RESPONSE                

at IDCATTERY we maintain the social distancing wherever however we can. We sanitize our house daily and ozonate all the rooms and cat stuff (pads, sleeping cots etc) are being changed daily as usual

at this time we are not allowing "the meet and greet visitors" but our faithful friends SKYPE and FACETIME and so on are always there for us ;)
If you have deposited on your kitten please feel free to come to our place!

          AVAILABLE   FOR  DEPOSITING:           
          AVAILABLE   NOW:         
MALE born September 2019
MALE born December 2019


NEWEST LITTER born May 8th 2020
8 kittens total

6 blue 

2 lilac

Cat Paper

June 16, 2020 

of 7 is born 
4 blue 3 lilac kittens


From our partner's cattery.
Was considered for our cattery program but we decided let him go. 
He is the friendliest cat, very affectionate and very well socialized.
Loves cuddles he Loooooooves peoples's company and gets along with other cats just fine.


Email us  IDcatterycom@gmail.com 

Seattle, Washington, USA

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