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As many of you know our main business is selling pajamas and socks

With the war in Ukraine going for the forth month in a row already we fullu understand that the resources our friends donating are limited yet all need a good pajama)))))))))

So while supply lasts we want to send a fantastic KITTEN-themed top quality pajama (the best combed cotton that exists at this time) in exchange of suggested donation (no tax or shipping fee will be added)

all 100% money raised will help Ukrainian breeders and small business owners to keep going and survive. 

Dima keeps voluteering and ministering in Ukraine making sure 100% funds will serve the purpose.

GIRLS ONLY PJs at this time but we can work on donating boys PJs as well - let us know if you need/want boys

CHOOSE a "thank you gift" for your donation

  • 100% Premium interlock cotton
    Hand me down quality

    Safe, Comfortable 
    Moisture wicking 

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