'High Vibe' Colloidal Silver For Dogs, Cats and all Pets  

The 32 Oz Colloidal Silver for Pets with an oral syringe

Immune builder
Natural dewormer
Eyes and ears cleaner

Keeping your dog or cat’s immune system resilient is critical in today’s situation with all the toxins in our environment that daily affect our pet’s wellbeing. 

Including vaccinations, pesticides, chemical drugs, household cleaners and even many of the kibble and canned foods being fed can compromise your pet’s immune system and leave them vulnerable to diseases. Strengthen and improve their vitality and vibration with Colloidal Silver for Pets.


How to Administer: Spray directly on the area of concern, let your pet drink it in place of water, give by oral syringe and/or add to pets waterbowl. Typically add:

appx 1-2 ounces per every 8-12 ozs of water



Silver, which occurs naturally in nature, is just is a mineral. Silver has been used for centuries help keep people and their animals healthy.  The father of medicine, Hippocrates, the taught that silver supports healing processes and helps boost immunity. 

The FDA doesn’t allow the pet industry to make any healing or health or claims for any supplements for pets.  

So Holistic Pet Care doesn’t make any claims about what our products can help with. Although the benefits are many.

Making any claims that our product can work for any specific infections or diseases, even if this has been the case and proven, would risk putting our supplements in the category of an unapproved new drug.

 However we do understand that colloidal silver benefits are endless.


Colloidal silver 32 oz

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