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F.       A.      Q.

what is the price for British Shorthair kitten?
The price is different and depends on the sire and dam involved and the kitten quality (pet, show) you can purchase a show quality kitten as a pet without a breeding permission please fill the form with your preferences for us to give you a quote. 

Breeders and new breeders WELCOME but be prepared to be asked a lot of questions. You have to be registered as a cattery with TICA or any other official cat association or participate in our cattery breeding program in order to obtain a kitten from us into breeding. WE DO NOT SUPPORT and HIGHLY OPPOSE backyard breeding approach and willing to help those who are new to breeding these beautiful cats to start and do it right.

The purchase price includes the first two sets of immunizations and contract that includes a health warranty.

DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK about the specific kitten you’d like.
OCASIOANALLY we will have available retired adults adult cats available for rehoming/adoption. 
THEIR PRICE will vary but rarely exceeds $500 and is a great way to get an amazing pet at an affordable price!

how does the process of getting a kitten work?

  • THE FIRST is checking with AVAILABLE KITTENS.  WE KEEP the information up to date and post available kittens at this page of our WEB-SITE
    IF YOU KNOW which one you want and you have contacted us the nonrefundable deposit of $500 is required to hold a particular kitten for you until he/she reaches the proper age for a transition

  • THE SECOND way is by placing a $200 deposit. We prefer to take this deposit when one of our dams is due soon. This will hold a place in line for a new litter and will give and ability to pick out of newborn kittens (at the age of 5-8 weeks). 
    Placing a deposit when no kitties that meet your request are available will give you the priority of choosing the ONE from the new litters (you will be assigned a number in line if such exists at the moment of placing a deposit) please contact us first!!!
     Just let us know which payment method works best for you (we accept checks, VENMO, PayPal (please note 3% fee will be added if using this method), money orders, direct account deposit at Bank of America, CASH app and cash).

  • THE THIRD is by placing $100 deposit to get a retired cat or a cat / kitten that we are rehoming once it will become available - this is a great way to get much-wanted purebred cat at an affordable price - contact usFIRST and let us know you want an adult cat.


    have deposited. What's next?
    1. Read through the CARE page (the password will be sent after the depositing).
    2. Make sure to send your mail address so that we could send you the receipt and the Agreement.

$ 500


is as easy as 1-2-3

note  3% will be additionally charged for this transaction

$ 200


is as easy as 1-2-3
USE THIS LINK FOR THE KITTENS THAT WILL BE BORN to secure your  priority to choose



Is there a contract to sign?

WE DO HAVE A CONTRACT and here is a brief summary of its main statements


  • getting profit is NOT our priority. it is about happiness the purrrrfect friend brings and emotions and care and living together with the most comfort for all those who are involved
    THERE IS A HIGH (yes we do think so too) fee, that gives us the confidence the baby will be well cared of. we are dedicated to donating to the charity (giving much more than a tax deductible)  on the regular basis and thrilled that raising the kittens makes a difference not only in the families they go to, but in a bigger picture of the world as well...

  • we reserve the right to choose who we are selling or not selling a kitten to. after your request is made we interview and ask specific questions. it is a routine process to secure the kitten that cannot protect itself. do not take it as a personal offense if we turn you down as a potential buyer - we have a strict policy we stick to and act out of our experience often preventing undesired outcomes


  • NO premature spay/neuter. the kitten should be spayed between age of 6-9 months if not sold for breeding

  • minimal vaccinations with KILLED virus vaccine only. you can buy the vaccine online and take it to the vet to administer.

  • HEALTHY DIET grain free dry food with at least 50% of wet raw food (meat, poultry etc)
    we provide new owners with the guidelines and the access to the CARE page on our web-site.
    NOTE the fact, the CAT CANNOT BE A VEGETARIAN please do not even think into that direction

  • WE conduct a cage free in-home breeding and expect you NOT to keep the pet you get from us caged (small room with a window is okay)

  • INDOOR only or leashed and accompanied by owner (do not expect to walk the cat like a dog)

  •  NO fight and aggressive breeds of dogs in the same household cat goes into

  • PERSONAL pick-up in Auburn, WA is our best desirable way to make a transition into the new home (though we offer a delivery to SEA-TAC airport at an additional fee and ship our furry babies WORLDWIDE please contact us for a quote )

note  3% will be additionally charged for this transaction


Do you deliver?
PERSONAL pick-up in Auburn, WA is our best desirable way to make a transition into the new home

BUT this is not always  possible therefore we have a delivery option.
The average fee for in-country cargo shipping is between $375-425 and includes the proper crate, water and food bowls, soft pad that smells home :) health certificate and travel arrangements 
We can also deliver to the SEA airport at $50 

WE ship our furry babies WORLDWIDE as well